Our Services:

Distribution of household items

  • Sorting ‘Trash from Treasure’
    Deciding what to take to new home, what to distribute to family and friends, what to dispose of, etc.
  • Appraisal of Household Goods.
    We have the necessary appraisers for antiques, artwork, dolls, coins, books, cars, jewelry and general household furniture and goods.
  • Estate Sale
    Experienced team of professionals will conduct an estate sale on your premises, or move items of your choosing to an external sales location to maximize your profits.
  • Packing, Moving and/or Shipping.
    Treasured and/or other not for sale items will be moved to a location of your choosing.


  • Consultation about available options.
    Including a smaller home, retirement community, assisted living, or nursing homes.
  • Interior planning for ‘nesting’ in your new environment.
    Deciding what furniture, pictures, kitchen items, etc. to move for comfort and continuity.
  • Packing and Moving Household goods.
    Labor for wrapping and boxing your valuables as well as transportation to desired location(s).
  • “Settling In”
    Arranging furniture, hanging pictures, unpacking personal and household possessions.

Preparation of Home For Sale

  • Clean out
    Final removal of all household goods.
  • Whole House Cleaning
    Carpet shampoo, windows, oven, refrigerator, yard, etc.
  • Touch-Up and Minor Repairs
    Wall repairs, painting, carpet removal, etc.

Organization of personal Papers

  • Sorting, Filing, Shredding
    With extreme sensitivity to disposition of all stored paperwork, i.e. old taxes, bills, bank information and other personal documents.
  • Consultation with your accountant, lawyer and/or trust manager
    Organizing your business and personal portfolio to maximize your understanding of your assets and their disposition.

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